Viñedos de Nieva has in its property 50 hectares of Verdejo (from Rueda in its origin) and 6 hectares of Sauvingon Blanc, imported from France and very well adapted to the soil and climate conditions of Rueda. The altitude (above 850 m.) and the sandy soil full of pebbles, makes the grape express all its potential in the wine. Its extreme climate is characterized by cold winters and hot summers during the day but fresh at night, producing perfect conditions for the production of fine white grapes.

Ancient vineyards with non grafted vines, some of them more than one hundred year old, they survive to Phylloxera plague thanks to the hardness of its terroir and the climate. The grape that is used to elaborate this wine, comes from vineyards which have their origin in Verdejo variety. They have resisted to Phylloxera plague during the nineteenth century and they are non grafted vines, that is why they are called Pie Franco, because they preserve their original root. The age of the vines is more or less one hundred years. They produce a very high quality and exclusive wines. Just 30.000 bottles a year are produced of this wine.

Bodegas y Viñedos Nieva tiene en propiedad 12 hectáreas de Pie Franco y controla gran parte del escaso viñedo que existe en la zona de estos viñedos en peligro de extinción. Al ser tan viejas las cepas y estar en secano, producen muy poca cantidad de uva, tan sólo dos racimos por planta, obteniéndose vinos frescos pero densos y de gran complejidad mineral y frutal.

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Blanco Nieva History

The location of the vineyards in Nieva belongs to the 12th century, when the commercialization of the wines started with the peak of Los Cartujos monastery. The maximum production of grapes took place in 19th century.

The winery

The newly remodeled winery is designed to obtain the greatest expression of our homeland in search of the highest quality of our Verdejo and Sauvignon Blanc grapes.


The wines

Our wines have all the good things about Rueda in our Segovian estates with the unmistakable personality of Martue. Three white wines like three children with the same love but different from each other.

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